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Inventors College Organization (ICO) was founded in 2007 by a retired but still certified professional teacher, Otto Schmidt, who is the principal instructor of Accent on Skills Consulting, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  

In collaboration with a professional inventor, a unique educational 5-day workshop was designed to teach people how to invent and what to do with their inventions.  

Combining formal teaching skills with the expertise of a professional inventor has resulted in inventing workshops that are as realistic as possible.  We do not offer entertainment, a game or simulations.  

ICO is moving into the spotlight as an effective and rapid "incubator" of new inventors and inventions.  Inventions have an increased chance of going into the marketplace because of our methods.

We are:

Members of the
Advanced Technology Think Tank 

Participants in a special Industry Canada Forum investigating the future drivers of the resource processing industries in Canada.

Members of the Innovation Initiative Inventing Co-op

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