Inventors College Organization

Grades 4 - 12 
Young Inventors Workshops 

(for regular elementary/secondary classes, and also gifted, at risk, underachieving, alternative education students)

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Our Overall Objectives

- nurture, encourage and build self-esteem in students

- teach students to use the professional terminology, concepts and language associated to inventing

- create an enjoyable, interesting, highly valuable experience that lasts a lifetime

- use a variety of instructional methods: audio-visuals, hands-on construction, interactive teamwork experiences, internet research, and more

How We Motivate and Inspire Students to Do Their Best

- Lessons are designed to be highly interactive, valuable, & nurture a spirit of entrepreneurialism.

- Students use and improve higher-level thinking, creativity, communication & innovation skills.

- School subjects are integrated into the lessons       e.g. History, Science, Business, English.

- Young inventors get an opportunity to pitch to REAL investors & business/industry owners at their Inventions Exhibition. Meet real inventors too.

- Graduated inventors can participate in future Great Canadian Inventions Shows!

- Corporate gifts & special offers are provided to all the young inventors.

- The hosting school shares in proceeds from the Inventions Exhibition.

Curriculum Design Considerations

a) Enhance Personal Competency Skills

-  creativity - so that many inventions are produced
-  analyzing - to enhance concepts and ideas
-  problem solving - to perfect inventions
-  improve ability to notice, observe and pay attention to details
-  speaking and presentation skills - to demonstrate professionalism at exhibitions

b) Teach
Legal and Technical Aspects of Inventing

- steps in inventing
- designing & drawing
- non-disclosure forms
- market & patent searches
- protecting inventions
- constructing prototypes
- business plans

c) BONUS DAY: Students Show What They Learned at Their Inventions Exhibition

- everyone involved invites investors, business/industry people, professionals, experts and specialists who can take inventions into the marketplace
- students show what they learned as they present themselves and their inventions professionally

Lesson Topics

Week 1. Introduction / How Things Work / Finding an Invention / Market & Patent Searching
Week 2. Improving Invention Ideas / Drawing & Design / Prototyping
Week 3. Presenting Professionally / Improving Problem-Solving Skills
Week 4. Researching & Studies / Protecting Inventions / Business Plans
Week 5. Designing Advertising & Displays / Exhibition Preparation / What to do After the Exhibition

+BONUS SATURDAY!  Students’ Inventions Exhibition 

Terms, Conditions and Agreements

Class Size: Min. 20, Max. 35 participants 

Time Requirement: 1 full school day per week for 5 weeks - 30 hours of lessons (plus Bonus Saturday Exhibition) 

Location: your choice, in the Greater Toronto Area, we come to your students

Registration Fee: $150 per student, all-inclusive


“...I had the distinct pleasure of attending the Inventors College Workshop in Waterloo.  The high  quality products displayed there were truly remarkable. I am very impressed with the Inventors      College mission to motivate and show participants how to be innovative thinkers and professional inventors.  …Congratulations to Inventors College for conducting world-class educational workshops…”   Dave Levac, MPP, Brant, Speaker of the Ontario Legislature

“...thank you for inviting me to attend the Inventors College Organization Workshop at …Simcoe...I would strongly encourage more students to learn and grow by taking part in the workshops. I know the students who participated will leave more confident in themselves    and their skills. What a fun and great way to open up the world to our young people.”         
Toby Barrett, MPP, Haldimand-Norfolk

"My son had the wonderful experience of attending your very thorough and inspirational Inventors College workshop through his school program. Your step-by-step instructions, support and encouragement inspired him to create an invention that has sincere potential. In fact, it has garnered him several interested investors along with much media attention including a feature spot on a new kid inventors TV show..."      
O. C., mother, Brantford, ON

“I just wanted to thank ICO for teaching us at the young inventors workshop. I learned so much. Most of all it was fun and well organized. This experience will surely stay with me for the rest of my life.” 
G. A., student, Brantford, ON

“Thanks to all who were involved in the Young Inventor’s Workshops….I am especially proud of the instructors for being so supportive during and after the workshop. Seeing my 9 year old coming home with her business folder and talking about putting her business plan together and going online to research was just unbelievable….” 
T. I., mother, Brantford, ON

Contact Us: Booking & Information

We want all concerned to hear about the inventing workshops. 
(GTA only: Ask to book a Free, No Obligation, Evening Information Meeting with your teachers, parents, students)

Otto Schmidt, Coordinator
cell: 416-226-2332
Inventors College Organization (ICO) 
is a division of Accent on Skills Consulting, 
Toronto, ON, CA

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