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      "My son had the wonderful experience of attending your very thorough and inspirational Inventors College workshop through his school program.  Your step-by-step instructions, support and encouragement inspired him to create an invention that has sincere potential.  In fact, it has garnered him several interested investors along with much media attention including a feature spot on a new kid inventors' TV show "Think Big" premiering this fall on TVO.  Thanks to you and all of the wonderful partners (support team members) that you have collected for giving my son this incredible opportunity.  Best of luck to you and your continued good efforts." 
– Olga Conforti, mother, Brantford, ON.    

        “I just wanted to thank Jim and Otto for teaching us at the young inventors workshop. I learned so much.  Most of all it was fun.  It was well organized.  This experience will surely stay with me for the rest of my life. I enjoyed going there each week and I wish it were longer.  Let’s do it again next year!" 
- Giselle Alexander, 9 year old participant, Brantford, ON

       “Thanks to all who were involved in the Young Inventor’s Convention on March 29th, 2008. It was wonderful.  Jim and Otto must have been very proud to see all the young faces with their inventions on show.  As a parent, I am especially proud of these two gentlemen for being so supportive during and after the workshop.  Seeing my 9 year old coming home with her business folder and talking about putting her business plan together and going online to research patents and the market was just unbelievable.  This would not have been possible without the assistance of the two of you.  Again, thanks for the resources, time and consideration. Jim and Otto you two are amazing! 
- Theresa Inglis, mother, Brantford, ON

       "I volunteered as a support team member for the Inventors College Organization.  A few months later, I was invited to their first invention exhibition where 22 young children were presenting their new inventions after taking just a short 5-week course.  
Speaking to several of the 'budding innovators', I was pleasantly surprised by how they understood and carried out all the steps involved in creating an invention: patent searches, prototypes, business plans and all!  I was totally impressed by the candor and confidence each of these children displayed in announcing and discussing their creations.  Schools should implement such 'real life' programs because they have an undisputable formula for success." 
- Bob Huybrechts, President, Innovation Initiative           
            Co-Operative Inc., Inventor, Toronto, ON

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