Inventors College Organization

Workshops for 

1.  Daytime, Evening or Weekend Sessions 
(as arranged for your personnel/employees)

(An information meeting may be arranged with company representatives prior to the start of sessions.  The course addresses company needs and is directed at producing inventions for the benefit of the company/organization rather than individuals)

Course Features

Part 1 of 3  - Personal Skills Enhancement

-  develop creativity skills and techniques of generating many ideas

-  improve analytical skills to enhance concepts and ideas

-  learn models and methods of effective problem solving in order to perfect various parts of inventions

-  instructions on how to notice more and be more aware to  enhance accuracy and attention to details

- improve personal presentation skills so that inventors present themselves and their inventions professionally and effectively

Part 2 of 3 - Legal and Technical Aspects of Inventing (some may be optional)

- non-disclosure forms

- market & patent searches

- key elements of inventing

- constructing prototypes

- business plans

- writing patents, claims, etc.

Part 3 of 3 - Exhibition of Inventions (format is optional.  a public exhibition of inventions may not be suitable)

- professionals, experts and specialists are invited to view and take inventions into the marketplace (optional)

- display and presentation of inventions to those who are directly involved in deciding whether the invention(s) are viable and useful to the company

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