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Psst! Wanna be an inventor? This is for you!

     Innovation Brant and Inventors College Organization (a division of Accent on Skills Consulting, Toronto, ON) bring you an amazing opportunity that will get your creative juices flowing. Whether you are a wannabe, novice, professional or expert, the inventor training workshops are open to you. 
     This course was first developed and taught to students of the Brant-Haldimand-Norfolk Catholic District School Board in 2008. It has been tried and proven with many other children and adults over the years since.  
     Learn the most important elements of inventing during a fun, exciting, fast-paced series of lessons. Between lessons, incubate your ideas and bring them into reality.  At the Day 6 exhibition, prove what you learned and try to sell what you created to REAL business and industry people in the marketplace looking for new inventions.


Our Objectives
-   make the inventing experience as REAL as possible

-   create an ongoing support system for inventors

-   help companies and businesses diversify and
     add new products/services to their sales lines

-   create new entrepreneurs who sell new, original      products/services

-   boost the economy by tapping into the creativity of      people

Benefits of the Course
-   improve your competency skills in self-awareness, creativity, researching, communication, leadership, higher-     level thinking

-   become a creative inventor

-   research more effectively

-   improve problem-solving skills

-   enhance presentation and public speaking skills

-   present your invention(s) to real people in the 

Topics of Study     
-   history and need for inventions

-   becoming more observant

-   generating ideas for inventions

-   patent/market searches

-   ways of protecting inventions

-   designing a new product/service

-   business plans/costing/advertising inventions

-   presenting yourself and your invention professionally

-   and much more


Choose from
Three Inventing Courses

1.     Saturday Inventing Courses (limit 35 per class)
Join us for a fun day of exciting inventing. Learn the skills that will last a lifetime.

a)   Saturday Youths and Adults Inventing Course (young people ages 15+, adults)

b)   Saturday SuperKid Inventors Camp (children only ages 10 – 14)

Length of Course:
5 Saturdays (9 am – 2 pm) + Day 6 Exhibition of the course invention(s)

Dates of the Course:

Innovation Brant Central Office Meeting Room, 192 Mary St., Brantford, Ontario N3S 3C2 or other location tba

Registration form and fees are at the bottom of this page.

 2.     Weekday Schools and Community Groups
Inventing Courses (35 per class or special arrangement)
 (students ages 10+ in elementary/secondary schools, adult community groups and organizations)

      This course is held in schools for regular elementary/secondary school classes or special groups and also for organizations that have many members that gather regularly for a day e.g. Legion or church parishioners, or that live together as a community e.g. seniors residence, rehabilitation centers. We also make this course available to networking groups.

Length of Course:
1 weekday per week for 5 weeks (9 am – 3 pm or adjusted to fit school/organization timetable) + Day 6 Exhibition of the course invention(s)

Dates of the Course:
Contact us to plan the course dates

your organization/school provides a suitable classroom, hall, center or other facility

Registration forms and fees are at the bottom of this page.

3.  Monday or Friday Morning Busy Bees 
Inventing Courses      (limit: 35 per class)
     This “lite” course for very busy people offers the learning of the other courses but in smaller bites.  Yes, you still become an inventor. This course would be great for moms that want to get away from little ones for a break or self-employed business people who have limited free time.

Length of Course:
Monday or Friday only, for 10 weeks (9 am – 12 noon) + Day 6 Exhibition of the course invention(s) 

Dates of the Course:

Innovation Brant Central Office Meeting Room, 192 Mary St., Brantford, Ontario N3S 3C2 

Registration form and fees are at the bottom.


The ICO Team of Instructors

Otto Schmidt is the designer and developer of the ICO inventor training course. He has a Masters of Education degree from the University of Toronto, Canada and is a dynamic Education Consultant to businesses/corporations and educational institutions.  He adds over 35 years of specialized facilitation of gifted people to his work.  Beyond being the author of a competency skills training book, he does workshops to show people how to become more creative and especially inventive. Otto is the Education Director of the Innovation Initiative Co-operative Inc. an association to assist inventors in getting inventions into the marketplace. He is also the developer of a 25 lesson online “Do It Yourself” inventing course. Otto is an inventor, curriculum designer, professional guest/keynote speaker and presenter at conferences and meetings.

Halyna Cechowska
is a graduate of music at Gdansk Academy, Poland and has a Masters Degree from the Faculty of Theatre, Film and Television at the Kiev University, Ukraine. She is a Drama, Vocal and Music Instructor and Consultant and has taught creative arts and music in public and private schools, Saturday programs, afterschool programs and summer camps. Halyna is the Founder/ Executive and Artistic Director of Starkids Musical Theatre in Toronto, Canada. Halyna also founded and managed a successful musical quartet that recorded original music and toured nationally and internationally promoting Ukrainian music. (English, Ukrainian, Polish and Russian)                                             

Bob Huybrechts, a graduate of the Dental College, Brussels, Belgium, is a Master Dental Technologist with over 35 years experience including running a laboratory for more than 20 years. Bob is a professional inventor of a revolutionary new plastic sold in over 17 countries and has related product development and licensing experience. He is the founder and president of the world’s first co-operative inventors organization - Innovation Initiative Co-operative Inc. - that assists inventors in their quest to get inventions into the marketplace.  Bob is also a certified consultant for the USD-System of IP protection of inventions using copyright instead of patent. As well, Bob is a professional public speaker and accomplished conference presenter. (English, French, Flemish, Dutch) 

Michael Miao is the Green, Environment & Sustainability expert on the team. He is the former Director of the International Program Center of Sun Yat-sen University, China and the Coordinator of the International Joint MBA Programs there. He also has marketing, sales, and customer services experience. Michael has supervised marketing and sales teams and taught communication skills in English and Mandarin. He has worked extensively with children in Scouts Canada programs. Michael also has a MBA & Global Business Management degree. (English, Chinese)

Janos Molnar has a Masters Degree in Electronics Engineering from the Leningrad Electro-Technical Institute in the former Soviet Union. He has done research and development in digital electronics and managed new product development in private industry and academic institutions – nationally and internationally. Janos has been a life-long career inventor in the areas of electronics and mechanics and has a broad-based technical background, solid problem solving and analytical skills and proven abilities coming from work in the Physics and Astronomy Department of the University of British Columbia. Janos has experience as a Technology Manager, Project Manager/Presenter, Business Consultant; and Technology Development Manager. (English, Hungarian, Russian)

Anita Tuz specializes in teaching creativity skills from the world of Arts and Crafts and Musical Theatre to children and adults. She is an Early Childhood Development expert/teacher and has used her skills in teaching and developing programs for summer camps, after school programs, a Ukrainian Heritage School and as a Director of the Starkids Children’s Camp in Toronto, Canada. Anita also has extensive experience in teaching vocal music and costume/set designing. She is the owner of a successful bakery business and specializes in creative cake and desserts design. (English, Ukrainian, Polish, Russian, French, American Sign Language)

Phil Wilcox is a veteran product designer and instructor at one of Canada’s premier design schools - Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, Ontario. He has taught prototyping and related disciplines and is a frequent collaborator with innovative research facilities and companies. Phil is the coÔÇÉinventor of the Staxi - a nestable wheelchair - and BetterShield - a disposable face shield. He is a former Senior Designer at The Centre for Studies in Aging - University of Toronto - and directed, from concept to production, several healthcare mobility and assistive devices such as the first production electric wheelchair capable of moving sideways. Phil is experienced in technology transfer from university research settings to successful commercialization. He is an Inventions Consultant; instructor of mechanical /structural design; industrial design & development & fabrication expert; rapid prototyping expert. He has additional valuable experience in robotics, automotive repair; and plastics. (English)

Terms and Conditions

-  Course time during the day for elementary and secondary school students can be adjusted to meet a school’s timetable needs

-  Only those who register may take a course. No substitutes allowed.

-  Switching to another course may be allowed. The registration fee paid for one course may be transferable to another of the three inventing courses with permission of the IB administrative office.

-  There are no registration fee refunds after the first inventing course lesson. A registration administration fee of $25 from the full registration amount is retained if a refund is granted.

-  Photos and videos may be taken during the course lessons for future course advertising and promotion purposes by ASC and/or IB agents and become the exclusive property of IB and ASC. A release form is provided at the bottom of this document along with the registration form. Any audio-video materials created by IB or ASC agents are the exclusive property of IB and/or ASC but may be provided to a course participant upon that person’s special request but what is provided may be for personal use only.

-  Course participants may not record or duplicate in any manner: the ICO inventing course content, any part of lessons, the instructors and/or personal inventions of other inventors. Full copyright protection applies to all course content.

-  Non-compete. Course participants may not use the in-class course content and handouts to create their own courses and then directly compete with the ASC inventor training course. Only ASC instructors have exclusive rights to teach the inventor training course. Any such infringement by participants shall be deemed copyright infringement and legal action may be taken.

-  All inventions created within the inventor training course by participants are the sole property of the participants/inventors. Innovation Brant (IB) and/or Accent on Skills Consulting (ASC) relinquish any claim or rights to them unless suggested or the participant/inventor through joint negotiation and/or agreement re a partnership or other form of collaboration to take the invention further by either or both IB and ASC and the inventor.

-  Non-disclosure forms are signed by all who participate but it is up to course participants to protect their own inventions.  IB and ASC shall not be held responsible or liable for theft of intellectual property that may be a finished product/service or in any form or stage of concept development.  All inventions are the sole responsibility of the inventor.  Great caution and secrecy, in most cases, are advised.

-  If a course participant requests special assistance with an invention(s) above and beyond the course time, a royalty or other fee may apply that is negotiated between IB and/or ASC and the inventor in return for the service(s) provided.

General Disclaimer:
Innovation Brant and Accent on Skills Consulting take no responsibility and shall not be held liable for any intentional or unintentional disclosures of information related to inventions by those taking the inventor training course lessons, acts that might cause loss to the inventors, destruction of physical property, theft of intellectual and/or physical property, or misuse of an invention, creative idea, product or service by others.  All inventors are responsible for protecting personal belongings and intellectual property as fully as possible.


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Registration Form for Inventor Training Courses
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Choose the inventor training course that is right for you:
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a.  Inventing Course: Saturdays
 ___ i) Saturday Course (youth 15+ and adults)  Dates: tba
___  ii) Saturday SuperKid Inventors Camp (ages 10-14)  Dates: tba

b.  Inventing Course: Weekdays

___ Weekday Schools and Community Groups Course (ages 10+)   
NOTE: The day and dates are arranged in collaboration with school or group administrators

c.  Inventing Course: Monday OR Friday
___ Monday Morning Busy Bees Inventing Course (adults)  Dates:tba
___ Friday Morning Busy Bees Inventing Course (adults)  Dates:tba

Step 3 of 4: Photo/Video Release Form

I_________________________________ give permission for Innovation Brant and Inventors College Organization staff/instructors to photograph and video record me individually and in groups before and during instructional sessions of the Inventor Training Course.
**(Special Note: Inventions will not be recorded in any manner during any of the above mentioned recording sessions without permission of the inventor.)

Step 4 of 4: Payment
Please make registration payment of (amount) by credit card only.

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