ICO Pre-Inventing Course Option: PLIESE 

     The ICO inventing course may be viewed as too complex or difficult for some.  We have just the right alternative for your success

     PLIESE offers an exciting, integrated, project-oriented option to help those who want to become improved learners and entrepreneurs through self-directed discovery and skills application.  Freely take our inventing workshop afterward and apply what you learned at PLIESE.
     As an integrated, project-based programme, PLIESE offers consultancy, training and on-going support for participants, schools and families. With PLIESE’s liberated and supportive way of learning, participants of all ages become more motivated, engaged and empowered in all aspects of their studies.

     The PLIESE program turns people on to learning. Participants design, co-ordinate and produce a goal-based, subject-focused PLIESE Project involving a network of family, school and community Learning Partners and mentors.  This is done mostly online and in real-time.

     We invite students, teachers, education specialists, special education caregivers,parents and other adults within the following groups to contact the organization to learn more. 

-  students in regular and special education classes
-  high achievers and those in gifted classes
-  members of groups supporting the disabled/challenged
-  working poor or disadvantaged students interested in upgrading skills
-  youth at risk or in jails who are disengaged from learning
-  single mothers interested in upgrading skills and abilities
-  native peoples schools/communities
-  members of local community development programs
-  after-school recreational program participants in areas of need
-  adults upgrading their levels of education
-  identified underachievers in schools or the community
-  co-op programs for the disadvantaged
-  retired adults

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