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(Disclaimer: The sites beleow are for your information only.  ICO does not favor or endorse any of the companies or individuals and their products/services they provide. Discretion is advised.)

Basics of Protecting Intellectual Property

Intro to Protecting Your Intellectual Property & Inventions 
British Intellectual Property Office 
Canadian Intellectual Property Office 
Canadian Patent Database
Danish Patent & Trademark Office - valuable and leading edge information on inventing and patents in Europe, informative articles on counterfeiting and piracy, conferences, and more 
Free Online Patent Searches
Intellectual Passport CB - assistance at using a new legal instrument to protect your invention by copyright 
Intellectual Property Advocate (US) - a non-profit organization dedicated to equipping the academic research community with critical information needed to understand and traverse the complex flow of policy, law and procedure from innovation through technology transfer and commercialization of intellectual property. 
Japan Patent Office 
Trademark Law: Reference Guide 
U.S. Patent & Trademark Office 
US Patent Database 
World Intellectual Property Organization 
World Patent Database 

Forms and Agreements for Inventors 

Forms, Letters, Templates of Related Forms, Documents, Agreements 

Patent Searches 

All About Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights 
Canadian Patent Search 
Directory of Patent Inventors 
Google Patent Search 
Patent Genius - search millions of patents and their inventors 
US Patent Office Search 
World Intellectual Property Organization Patent Search

Provisional Patent Protection
Video of the Basics of Patent Protection and Application 
Filing for Provisional and Design Patents 
Provisional Patent Application and Questionnaire 

Patents Gone Wrong:What to Do? 

Legal Resources, Problems and Tools to Survive Bad Patents (extensive help if patent protection goes bad, lists of invalid patents, more) 

Advice and Discussions with Inventors 

Garage Entrepreneurs - a social networking community for entrepreneurs and investors. Entrepreneurs can develop an idea, find potential business partners, connect with investors, and receive advice from business experts around the world. 
Innovation Initiative Co-Op - an inventors co-op based in Canada that supports the inventing process around the world. 
Inventors Corner Advice and Discussion Forum Andrew Knight Toronto,ON Technical Writing and Desktop Publishing - instruction manuals,illustrations,PowerPoint presentations,diagrams,charts, tables, magazine articles, sales brochures, product installation/operation manuals, Design Services and Prototyping - Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical, Electromechanical,3D renderings with animation and audio,prototyping:Take it to the next step with an artist's concept mock-up to a fully functional prototype. 
Pat Manserra Toronto, ON - inventor of Levelogic Leveling Tool - rated as one of the top ten tools everybody should own 
PLC Industrial Design Doug Norton - industrial designer specializing in design of new products, uses the latest of high tech software to create virtual prototypes that can provide all of the geometric files required for rapid prototyping or manufacturing.  In addition I can provide patent drawings, and manufacturing drawings 

General Information and Resources 

123 Inventions - Don't miss this! Huge list of everything to do with inventing and inventions - funding sources, books, publications, marketing advice 
50 Best Inventions of 2009 50 Worst inventions Best Inventions of 2010 
101 of the Best Inventions Ever 
999 Ideas for Inventions (exceptional site!!  Never run out of ideas again) 
ABC New Inventors TV Show 
AceNiks Portal - updates on the latest gadgets in the technology world 
Adaptive Computing - companies that develop and distribute adaptive computer devices

Appliances that Changed the Home Forever 
Best Robotics Inc. - non-profit USA organization boosting engineering, science and technology 
Canadian Games Inventions 
Canadian Trade Index(EXCEPTIONAL SITE! This is the industrial directory of Canada that lists companies in many fields of industry and manufacturing) 
Considerations When Inventing - how the economics of consumption works and the moral and ethical issues around inventing 
Design Boom(remarkable site that shows innovative designs, contests, and exceptional creativity) 
Free Energy- videos that show how to achieve it 
Famous Inventions A to Z Fun Theory - challenging people to go beyond the limits of inventing and having fun bringing changes and innovations into the world 
Future Inventions from Science Fiction 
Games Invention and Self-Publishing Resources 
Genius of the Tinkerer- a tribute and inspiration to those who invent 
High Tech- a blog about fun technology, anything that is fun to watch, impressive, amazing, educational, robotic and that is tech related and that generally has a WOW factor. 
History of Communication- forms of communication from early pictures to signals to electronic devices 
Innovation Institute- questions and answers on all areas of inventing 
Invent Right(USA) Inventing in Canada- meetings, clubs, support, resources in each province 
Inventions Marketing Companies: A Discussion 
Inventor Resources- excellent site in the UK 
Inventors Assistance League (USA) 
Inventors Hall of Fame Inventors Links (British) 
Inventors Spot 
Lectures on University Subjects- thousands of videos including many sciences
Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation- they document, interpret, and disseminate information about inventions and innovation 
MakeZine- creative inventing website combining enviro-friendly work with new inventions 
Market Launchers Latest Inventions Database 
Museum of Future Inventions: Da Vinci Institute 
National Directory of Inventors (USA) 
Neustel Law Offices - American legal advice on all aspects of inventing 
Next Energy News- looks at the latest information and inventions relating to energy use 
Primer on Use of Energy in the Process of Inventing Quest for Free Energy 1-hr video documentary
Reinventing the Past- inventors and their stories 
Technical Education Magazine- a practical and useful resource which provides the latest cutting-edge advances in manufacturing and technology 
Thomas Net- inventors can access over 60,000 manufacturers, distributors and service providers 
Time Magazine Best Inventions of 2006 
Time Magazine Best Inventions of 2007 
Toys and Games: Advice on Design and Creation 

Inventors Associations 

Alamo Inventors
Australian Inventors Society 
British Inventors Society 
Innovation Initiative Co-op Inc.- first inventors co-op in the world and Canada's only co-operative organization for inventors 
International Federation of Inventors' Associations (IFIA) - a world body that is bringing together all those who are involved in inventing and inventing shows
United Inventors Association
- USA based non-profit organization 


Angel Investor Directory
Angel Investors for Small Businesses
How to Find an Angel Investor
Maple Leaf Angels 
National Angel Capital Organization (Canada) 


Davison Design and Development- July 14/08 - PITTSBURGH (AP Wire) – A Pittsburgh-based invention-promotion firm agreed to settle a lawsuit brought by the Federal Trade Commission and will pay nearly $11 million to thousands of novice inventors who got little bang for their buck. Davison Inc. promised to market inventions, but delivered little to inventors, the FTC said. Fewer than 1 percent of the company's clients earned more from their inventions than they paid Davison to market the devices. 

Selling Your Inventions 

Go Big Network- find investors for your invention. Note: this site is for your information only. The disclaimer at the top of this page strongly applies here. 
Idea Connection Inventables- a unique subscription service used by consumer product companies who want to help their product developers create differentiated products.
Web Tango- provides inventors, business, and service providers the resources they need to more successfully bring new products to market. 
Innovation Canada- showcasing excellence in research in Canada

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