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Our Objectives
**     provide a highly valuable, skills-based,  in-depth, competency-enhancing course for participants               (ages 12 - adult)

**     provide step-by-step lessons in how to generate new products and services and what to do with them

**     develop and improve creativity, so people grow a passion for inventing and remain life-long inventors

**     provide professional guidance in the following areas of inventing:
                    generating creative ideas,
                    doing  searches,  
                    designing and drawing inventions,
                    developing prototypes,
                    protecting inventions, 
                    selling and marketing an invention, 
                    writing business plans,
                    personal presentation skills, 
                    advertising and show displays,
         and much more. 

Features of the Do-It-Yourself Online Inventing Course

>     25 lessons created by a certified teacher who is also an inventor and curriculum designer

>     we provide additional support materials and inventing-related resources upon request 

>     lessons are designed to ultimately maximize the chances of getting an invention into the marketplace

>     field tested and proven lessons have been taught to children, adults, and inventing association members

>     online support is available, by email, Skype, or telephone, from a real person

>     there is ongoing support after the course is completed

>     participants become members of our family of inventors that get special notices, consideration, and access to world inventions shows including the Great Canadian Inventions Show in Toronto, Canada (founded and held by the creator of this course)


 Instructions for Course Activation

PART 1 of 4:  A gmail email account is mandatory in order to access the inventor training files. If you do not have one, please go to www.gmail.com

PART 2 of 4:  Register by filling in and submitting this form and then go to PART 3.

PART 3 of 4: Please make payment of $799 USD by credit card, online only. This is the all-inclusive cost of the entire course and support. There are no additional fees or charges.


PART 4 of 4: When registration and payment are received, you will be contacted by Baldo Minaudo or Otto Schmidt to receive your ID and password which gives you access to all of the lessons in this online course.


Terms of Course Usage Agreement

1.  Legal Participants: This course may be used only by the person who is the legal ICO Do-It-Yourself Inventing Course registrant. The registrant is held fully responsible for the safekeeping of its contents and will be held liable for any loss, theft or other mishandling of the content of the course. 
2.  Confidentiality: 
The registrant will not reveal the contents of the course to others, nor give the ID and password to others after the completion of the online course.The content of the course may not be lent, copied, or reproduced in any form. Any discovery of  heft of ICO intellectual property will result in charges under copyright laws.

3.  Refund Policy: Once a registrant has accessed and viewed the contents of the course by using the provided ID and password, the registration fee will not be refunded. A partial refund may be made at ICO course management team discretion, in exceptional circumstances.

4.  Ownership of Inventions: Inventions shall be the sole property of the inventor/registrant. Otto Schmidt and Baldo Minaudo shall remain at arms length regarding any inventions created by inventors who take this course. No related royalties or additional charges will be requested by ICO team members. 

5. Liability Disclaimer: ICO team members shall not be held liable for any theft, legal difficulties, or other positive or negative business dealings that may arise from or are related to inventions of the ICO course registrants.  All we offer is the inventing course. What registrants produce and do with what they learn is their business and only their business.

6. Non-Compete Clause: No part of this course may be used to develop, teach, or sell another similar course that is in competition with the ICO inventing course. Registrants, when they finish the ICO inventing course, agree to not start a similar business or website for a period of 5 years after completing the course. 


Course Management Team Contact Information

Otto Schmidt
- Toronto, Canada
course owner, course designer & developer
see details at:
Canada Country Code: 01     
Office Phone Number 416-226-2332 
le Phone Number: 416-824-4883
 o.schmidtCA@gmail.com    www.AccentonSkills.com

Baldo Minaudo - Toronto, Canada
business and inventing course manager
see details at: http://ca.linkedin.com/in/baldo
Canada Country Code: 01
Office Phone Number: 416-754-1824
Mobile Phone Number: 416-564-0245
bminaudo@gmail.com   http://baldominaudo.com/

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